The Democracy Machine is an interactive artwork that explores an eclectic slice of South Australia’s history of democracy, uncovered through a unique interactive voting process.

The Democracy Machine transports you back in time to vote on some of the most fascinating and compelling moments in South Australia’s past – from before the state’s founding right up to the present day and beyond.

Museum visitors learn about the history of democracy via a fun and surprising technical solution. Upon entering the exhibition, they are confronted with an enrollment station. A large button dispenses your very own ‘vote card’, inside is a cleverly disguised NFC tag.

Below the screen are six custom built voting booths, each containing two color-coded NFC readers. Visitors tap their ‘vote card’ to the corresponding reader and votes are tallied in real time, displayed on screen and compared to the historical result.

After visiting the installation, visitors can take their vote cards home, enter a unique ID into a custom designed website, and see a record of their votes as well as historical information.

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