Esports bars are not a new concept by any means, especially in Europe and North America.

But when it comes to the Far East, gathering places for gamers are still dominated by more traditional gaming hubs, like PC bangs in South Korea, Arcades in Japan, and Internet Cafes in China.

However, things are about to change, at least when it comes to China.

Tim Hortons, famous Canadian-based restaurant chain, plans to expand their business in China with more than 1500 outlets across the country.

Since foreign companies can’t operate businesses in China without a Chinese partner, they’ve partnered with Chinese social media and gaming giant, Tencent.

The idea behind it is that traditional Internet Cafe businesses, which are very popular in China, are outdated for modern needs and gaming habits of the Chinese gaming community and so they need some innovation.

The focus will be on offline and mobile gaming, with things like “fast Wi-fi, Gaming chairs, fast charging ports, etc.”

At the same time, they will offer traditional food and drink experience as you can expect from fast food, coffee, and doughnut chain.

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