In March 2018, Amazon set out to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with the launch of GameOn, API technology that allows developers to add competitions to mobile games. Thanks to GameOn, mobile gamers can compete in esports-like tournaments and win real prizes (fulfilled by Amazon) for the first time ever. In April, it was our job to launch the technology.

Set at PAX East, a four-day event attracting over 80K gamers worldwide, we built a custom loot box that dispensed real Amazon winnings every hour. Participating players racked up more than 12K scores, and those who joined the GameOn experience played in over two full tournaments. We also hosted an epic dance party, but that’s neither here nor there.

Promote real-world prizes via Amazon’s new API technology, GameOn

Hosted mobile fang tournaments at Pax East
Built physical loot box dispensing prizes every hour
Each player who joined GameOn PAX experience played in over two full tournaments, racking up 12K scores

1.2M impressions, 227% engagement rate

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