Imagine a car showroom with no cars.

Nissan is hoping its new interactive entertainment facility, named the Nissan Pavilion, in Yokohama, will allow customers to experience how the company envisions the future of mobility.

The 10,000 square-meter space, created by TBWAHakuhodo, offers a variety of experiential content showcasing Nissan’s technology and features using a 4K projection screen, and a vibrating floor with Sony haptics technology.

It will act as a platform for the first exhibition of Nissan’s newest electric vehicle model Ariya, which is presented with calligraphy art and uses an experiential video to allow visitors to feel what it is like to drive a Nissan Ariya through the city.

There is also an interactive cafe in the facility that has tables displaying nutritional information of any dish placed on the table, ProPILOT robot waiters, and wireless charging tables for smartphones.

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