Animal Crossing: New Horizons released just last week and already has taken the gaming space by storm. It peaked at nearly 120k viewers on Twitch which made it the 3rd most viewed game right next to League of Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Animal Crossing is a casual game based around building your own little village, house, and villager. The goal is to make friends, collect bugs, fish, and fossils while also building your village into a thriving neighborhood full of colorful animal characters who become your neighbors and friends. Better yet, you can visit your friend’s islands and host celebrations together (while maintaining social distance of course)! The game really couldn’t have come at a better time and it shows.

Customization is a huge part of Animal Crossing and fans love to express themselves with customized clothing, interior decorating, and more. Brands took notice and began implementing their branding and logos into the game via a custom pattern design tool built into the game. CORSAIR went a step further by designing their signature pirate ship logo and posting a picture of their villager wearing it in-game and then posted it on Twitter along with the QR code to get the design so all their fans could think of CORSAIR while enjoying Animal Crossing. They also did this with their subsidiary company, Elgato.

Other instances of this are seen with musical artists such as Porter Robinson where people are re-creating his album covers and art within the game to wear and are tagging him which he then re-posts for more to see.

All in all, the creative pattern designs in Animal Crossing is one of the coolest ways to bring real-life art, brands, and designs into a virtual world to show off to your friends especially during this strange time.

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