Amazon is trying something a little different this year for its annual Career Day event. Along with adding 33,000 new corporate and tech workers to its ranks—its latest hiring spree in the COVID-19 era—the e-commerce giant announced on Wednesday that it will deploy a team of 1,000 Amazon recruiters to offer free virtual career coaching sessions, some of which include one-on-one time with recruiters, in addition to career advice and tips on finding a job.

In other words, Amazon’s Career Day 2020 is not just about helping people find jobs at Amazon, but helping them find any job. Given that American workers are facing one of the most challenging job markets in history, this makes sense.

It’s also no surprise that many of the breakout sessions have already filled up—less than 24 hours after the announcement. Those include individual sessions aimed at coders and warehouse workers. Among the five registration options on the Career Day website, all but one were full by Thursday morning.

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